Laureline GPS NTP Server

The Laureline GPS NTP Server is a small, high-performance, and low-power device that serves time to network clients from a built-in GPS receiver. Given only a GPS antenna, a power source, and a clear view of the sky it can track UTC to within 200 nanoseconds and make precise time available to your entire LAN, WAN, or to the Internet. Laureline interoperates seamlessly with any NTP or SNTP client and can sustain thousands of queries per second. [Read More]

PPS Piggy

The “PPS Piggy” is a companion board to the Trimble Resolution SMT carrier board and Resolution T that makes it easy to connect to a PC via either RS-232 or USB. It provides a linear 3.3V power supply for the RT/RSMT board and 3.3V or 5V for the antenna, all from a 5V input (either external or from USB). Serial communications is available via either USB or RS-232 or both. [Read More]